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Intellectual property

Intellectual property as defined by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO):creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.

Intellectual Property (IP) protection became critical and very important to all business dealers (manufacturers, exporters, importers, traders and most important consumers). IP owners spend huge funds on inventions, researches and business development; without proper protection businesses, concepts, novel approaches, inventions, artistic creations, patents and trademarks are left susceptible to piracy, counterfeiting, or passing off. This leads to big loss for investors and discourage innovators, researchers and business owners to invent, conduct researches or develop their businesses.

Not like large business firms that recognize the importance of Intellectual Property, small and medium business owners are so busy in their day-to-day work without focusing on other important matters like the protection of their rights; this will make their business more susceptible to infringement and piracy. Anyway, Adding this to their busy schedules will let them fall in the trap of losing control and focus on their goals. Our mission is to take care of protection of IP rights so business owners will be focusing on the promotion and development of their business.

We, at Lex Law Firm, offer professional services in the Intellectual Property Field and assist our clients in protecting their rights against any kind of IPRs violation,including:



Copyrights’ protection

Industrial designs

Domain names

Utility models

Franchising and licensing agreements

Anti-counterfeiting strategies.



Corporate/ M&A constitutes the largest area of the Lex Law Firm practice.  The Firm advises clients on virtually all aspects of business and commercial life, including reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts, incorporating businesses ranging from branches to local companies to joint ventures and undertaking corporate mergers and acquisitions, franchising, leasing, intellectual property rights and licensing services for its clients. It also advises on other related fields of Egyptian law for corporate clients, like taxation or conducting business in free zones.

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We provide legal advice on Egypt’s customs law, including customs classification, customs valuation, pre-shipment inspection, dispute on rules of origins, import and export licensing, customs tariffs, and trade in services.

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Lex Law Firm is experienced in all aspects of Distribution. The Firm deals extensively with general Distribution agreements as well as Franchise, Master Franchising and Agency. It works on all related competition and IPR issues both domestically and internationally. The Firm has provided legal opinions, negotiated and drafted agreements on behalf of a wide-range of clients over the years, who large and small companies in many industries, including hotels, restaurants, services, automotive, retail, apparel, fitness and sports..

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Dispute Resolution

The Dispute Resolution group’s primary goal is to effectively manage risk and resolve disputes pursuant to our client’s strategic interests – be it through amicable negotiation, litigation and arbitration.

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Lex Law Firm has one of the largest litigation departments in Egypt comprising of highly-regarded figures in the Egyptian litigation market. To date, it has handled With many of cases before all types and grades of courts. It has with a reputation for handling the heaviest and most high-stakes commercial briefs. In addition to offering legal counseling and advice on disputes, the Firm represents its clients in all aspects and stages of litigation as well.

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